Hire me as your UI PRO

My Name is Vera Mueller and my designs are consistent, logical and simple. Empathy for the user is the key for good User Interfaces.
Javascript (jquery, Vue.js)

1.scribble all ideas

2.create wireframes

3.colorful mockups

4.implement or prototype

Scribbles are good to get ideas out fast.

Wireframes are helpful to provide a first overview and gather feedback.

Mockups provide a lot more detail and can be used to present to stakeholders.

Being involved in the implementation process can have a good impact on the final product.



Ms. Mueller has a very comprehensive and outstanding expertise, which she always used very safely and successfully to accomplish her tasks. She was able to perform her task after a short time the task area was assigned to her

At Bytro the most challenging task was to port the strategy game Call of War to a mobile browser version. Therefore I created style guidelines as asset library in HTML and CSS, which developers could just copy and paste the code from.

Ubisoft - Bluebyte

Due to her particularly good understanding, she was able to grasp even difficult situations directly and quickly find very good solutions. At the same time, she demonstrated great initiative and always identified herself fully with her tasks and our company.

I started as Frontend Web Developer at Ubisoft, where my producers discovered my passion and talent for User Interfaces. For Heroes of Might and Magic Online I worked as developer and designer and I really loved the challenge. After the Game was finished I started working on Anno 2205 where I created assets and implemented them in Flash and used AS3 to make the Game UI functional.


Her work results, even with changing requirements and under very difficult conditions, have been consistently of very good quality. Ms. Mueller completed her tasks to our fullest satisfaction and has met our expectations optimally in every aspect.

I really enjoyed working in Fishlabs Marketing Department where I created tons of banner for Galaxy on Fire 2 and prepared the Gamescom Booth. Designing and developing the Fishlabs Support Page and Galaxy on Fire Alliances Landing Page made me love more complex projects